Chill-Tek, Inc., an EPA Certified Refrigerant Reclaimer, is a regional leader in the reclamation, packaging and return of refrigerants through our network of wholesale distributors.

Chill-Tek, Inc. provides a comprehensive array of services for our customers. As the handling of refrigerant has become under increased scrutiny and regulation, we have designed our services to be in accordance with Federal regulations and in alignment with customer needs.

Headquartered in Torrance, California, we are committed to refrigerant management services including:

  • Refrigerant reclamation back to original manufacturer specifications (ARI-700-2011)
  • On-site refrigerant recovery
  • Cylinder evacuation
  • Wholesaler Cylinder exchange program
  • U.S.D.O.T Cylinder re-certification and refurbishment
  • Refrigerant buy-back
  • Refrigerant and oil analysis
  • Mixed refrigerant disposal


Our Services
Refrigerant and Oil Analysis
Refrigerant Recovery
Refrigerant Reclamation
Cylinder Service
Refrigerant Disposal