Refrigerant and oil analysis is a valuable and money-saving tool for your organization. The information obtained from an ARI Analysis can identify potential system problems in a simple to read and understand format, allowing you to take preventative action before a major problem arises.

Analysis of refrigerant and oil allows the customer to avoid potential system down-time, increased system lifespan, and lower overall maintenance costs. The test result data will enable you to make informed purchase and maintenance decisions. Refrigerant and oil analysis eliminate the guesswork in refrigeration and air conditioning maintenance.

Determining the purity of refrigerant is vitally important. As the phase-out of HCFC refrigerants reduces the availability of “virgin” refrigerant while simultaneously increasing prices, systems using HCFCs will become more dependent on reclaimed refrigerant as a source of supply. Refrigerant analysis helps you manage your costs effectively.

Oil analysis is an exceptional maintenance tool that allows the customer to look inside the inner workings of a compressor and spotlight a developing problem. Changes in the operation of a compressor are reflected in the properties and makeup of its lubricating oil. Scheduled analysis of lubricants identifies problems before they become major, thus avoiding excessive maintenance costs.

We work with an accredited testing laboratory operating under ISO/IEC Guide 25, General Requirements for the Competence of Calibration and Testing Laboratories. This accreditation is a formal determination of the laboratory’s technical competence in relation to specific laboratory tests.

Upon receipt of your refrigerant or oil sample, we can have the test results in your hands within 48 hours.