Refrigerant reclamation is a cost saving tool that affords the customer with an effective means of refrigerant management. Reclaimed refrigerant can improve system performance and maintain system efficiency should the existing refrigerant be out of purity specifications.

The EPA has established reclaimer certification programs with the goal of verifying that reclaimed refrigerant on the market is of known and acceptable quality to avoid equipment failures from contaminated refrigerant.

In accordance with Section 608 of the Clean Air Act of 1990, the EPA requires that refrigerant transferred between air-conditioning equipment or refrigeration equipment owned by different entities be fully reclaimed.

Chill-Tek, Inc. EPA Certified Refrigerant Reclaiming facility is located in Las Vegas, NV where all of our refrigerant is reprocessed in accordance with purity specifications set forth in ARI-700-2011.

Refrigerant Purity Standards
The purity specifications for refrigerants are set forth in ARI-700-2011. Refrigerant purity standards are as follows:

  • Acidity (ppm by weight as HCL) 1.0
  • Chloride (pass/fail) Pass
  • High Boiling Residue (% by volume) .01
  • Non-condensables (% by volume) 1.5
  • Other Refrigerants (% by weight) .5
  • Particulates/Solids (pass/fail) Pass
  • Water (ppm by weight) 10
Reclamation Certification
You will receive a Certificate of Analysis issued by an independent ARI Approved Testing Laboratory. Only refrigerants that have been reclaimed and have passed chemical analysis by an ARI approved test laboratory are considered “virgin” grade product and can be re-sold as such. Therefore, reclaimed and certified refrigerants can be safely used without concern in air conditioning and refrigeration systems designed for their applicable use.