Cylinder Service

CYLINDER SERVICE We provide a turnkey solution to managing refrigerant recovery cylinders. Simply drop off a full cylinder at one of the 77 Refrigeration Supplies Distributor (RSD) branches throughout the Western United States including Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, and Utah (for locations, visit in exchange for a fresh in-date cylinder and we will take care of the rest. RSD maintains a complete line of recovery cylinders including:

  • 30#
  • 50#
  • 100#
  • 125#
  • 250#

All of our cylinders are in compliance with 5-year USDOT Certification requirements. Chill-Tek is registered as a USDOT cylinder requalification facility in Las Vegas, Nevada offering complete cylinder refurbishment including:

  • 5-year hydrostatic recertification
  • Sand blasting
  • Powder coating
  • Valve replacement

Upon receipt of your cylinder(s) a permanent record is made which identifies the amount and type of refrigerant received. You will always know how much refrigerant was returned and access to your records is available at any time.